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"Health Care is Ailing Democrats"

Posted by mark on

Finally, someone in the clueless mainstream media has "discovered" that the American electorate is angry about -- Obamacare. Here is what Josh Kraushaar wrote yesterday in the National Journal: "Election Day isn't until Tuesday, but the post game spin has already begun. Conventional...

Swiss Suicide Guru Calls for Legal Family Suicides

Posted by mark on

The slippery slope appears to be bottomless. Ludwig Minelli, founder of the Swiss suicide group he calls Dignitas, is now advocating for doctor-prescribed death not only for those who are terminally ill, but for legalization of drugs for healthy partners who do not want to live without their...

Barrett, Walker Air Abortion Ads

Posted by mark on

It is a strategy being used around the country. Pro-abortion candidates are now raising the abortion issue to attack right-to-life candidates. It first surfaced in Wisconsin with abortion ads attacking Senate candidates Leah Vukmir (Milwaukee) and Terry Moulton (Eau Claire). The same ad...

Barrett: Destroying Embryos the "Lord's Work"

Posted by mark on

It is shocking and scandalous. Tom Barrett said at the October 15 Town Hall meeting in Milwaukee that embryonic stem cell research is "the Lord's work." What a breathtaking new description of life-destroying research! Most people believe God is the Creator of life, and now Barrett has...

Feingold Anti-Life Mentality Knows No Bounds

Posted by mark on

We've told you about it before -- the infamous exchange between Senator Rick Santorum and Senator Russ Feingold on the Senate floor in 1996 during a debate on whether partial-birth abortions should be banned. Now, Wisconsin Right to Life has made the C-Span recording of Feingold's comments...

Tom Barrett's Stem Cell Lie

Posted by mark on

It's right out of the Doyle play book -- put an appealing mother and a young child with a serious illness in a television ad and accuse Scott Walker of depriving the child of hope. Why? Because, the ad says, Scott Walker wants to "ban stem cell research." There are two problems with this...

Death Panels in Obamacare - Yes or No?

Posted by mark on

Remember the scorn heaped on Sarah Palin when she talked about "death panels" as part of Obamacare? That scorn continues to this day. Burke Balch of National Right to Life has written a comprehensive piece on how death panels could work as part of Obamacare. An Independent Payment...