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Indiana Planned Parenthood in a World of Hurt

Posted by mark on

Remember Planned Parenthood of Indiana? They of the abortion gift certificates for Christmas? They can't seem to catch a break. UCLA student Lila Rose went undercover into two Indiana Planned Parenthood abortion facilities posing as a 13-year-old pregnant girl. Two important things...

Series on Discovery of iPS Cells Fascinating

Posted by mark on

Kudos to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel for its three-part series on how scientists around the world raced time and each other to be the first to publish the successful reprogramming of ordinary human cells to become pluripotent cells which are like embryonic stem cells. No embryos were...

Adult Stem Cells Continue Fascinating Gains

Posted by mark on

Public confusion about stem cells comes from reports that do not distinguish what type of stem cells are being discussed. The basics -- there are three types of stem cells: Embryonic -- Living human embryo must be destroyed to obtain iPS -- Human cells reprogrammed to behave like embryonic...

Euthanasia for 12-Year-Olds Proposed in Scotland

Posted by mark on

The slippery slope in Europe is constantly greased with proposals galore to extend the practice of assisted suicide and euthanasia. Here is the latest: A Member of the Scottish Parliament has proposed that the "right" to assisted suicide be given to everyone including 12-year-olds or even...

Bush Setting up New Conscience Rule

Posted by mark on

As one of the last acts of his administration, President Bush is working on promulgating a new federal rule that offers increased protection for medical facilities and professionals who do not want to participate in abortion. The rule is being proposed because health care professionals fear...

Obama's Pro-Abortion Commitment Will Be Immediately Apparent

Posted by mark on

During the presidential campaign, one of our greatest frustrations was hearing some people who claimed to hold a right-to-life position say that they could vote for Barack Obam in good conscience because he wanted to "reduce abortions" and that he would work to find "common ground." Those naive...