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Thank You Governor Pawlenty!

Posted by mark on

Great news from Minnesota! Governor Tim Pawlenty vetoed a bill which would have legalized human cloning and forced taxpayers to pay for the destruction of human life. Since the legislative session has ended, pro-cloning legislators won't be able to attempt to override the veto. Pawlenty said...

Docs Switch Tactics to Avoid Presence at Patient's Death

Posted by mark on

It's called palliative sedation and is used rarely to relieve pain. When used properly, the patient eventually succumbs to his/her disease. The intent is to relieve suffering, not kill the patient. In a new twist, a study of euthanasia deaths in the Netherlands finds that the number of...

West Coast Continues Flirt with Euthanasia

Posted by mark on

Joke as we may about the avant garde viewpoints of those who live on the west coast, what starts there eventually moves inward. There is disturbing news in three states that continue their flirtation with assisted suicide and euthanasia. In Washington State, work continues to gain over...

Remembering Terri Schiavo

Posted by mark on

On Memorial Day, we pause to remember those we love who have gone before us. Most have good memories of the person(s) we grieve and are at peace with the manner in which we assisted our loved one(s) at the time of our dying. Three years after her death, Terri Schindler Schiavo's family is...

A New Low - Michelle Obama's Fundraising Tactics

Posted by mark on

Lay low on Michelle Obama? Not me. She is out there as fair game -- vocal, and as adamantly pro-abortion as her husband. There is not enough space in this blog to list the numerous ways in which the Barack half of the team supports abortion. Now, it comes to light that the Michelle wing of...

A Sad Tale of the One Child Family

Posted by mark on

For many years, China has held and rigidly enforced a one child per family policy. Inspections, forced abortions and forced sterilizations implement the policy. When disaster struck China last week in the form of an earthquake, school buildings collapsed on hundreds of children, either...

If It's Part Animal/Part Human, What is It?

Posted by mark on

They're called chimeras -- hybrids created by combining animal and human DNA for cloning purposes. Hybrid and human cloning have now been overwhelmingly approved by the British Parliament with the passionate support of British Prime Minister Gordon Brown. By the way, any of these embryos...