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House Healthcare Roller Coaster Accelerates

Posted by mark on

Some of the so-called Blue Dog Democrats cave on health care reform and the roller coaster ride accelerates. Stuck on the ride are hundreds of thousands of unborn babies who lives are threatened by this monster. While there is not enough discussion about the sweeping abortion mandates in the...

When Will the House Vote on Health Care Bill?

Posted by mark on

It looks like there won't be a vote in the U.S. House on healthcare this week. But House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer said it was possible that a vote could come this weekend or early next week. The bill has been tied up in the House Energy and Commerce Committee where it has strong opposition...

Potential House Vote on Health Care on Wednesday

Posted by mark on

Will the House vote on the abortion-mandate, euthanasia-friendly Obamacare on Wednesday? No one knows. Speaker Pelosi continues to maintain she has the votes. Congressmen and groups are being "bought off" by changes to the House bill. But, is it enough? It appears from news articles...

Obama the Dodger on Abortion Mandates

Posted by mark on

I have a mental picture of Obama feinting left, then right. Trying to dodge the direct hit from the giant fist that has abortion mandates in health care reform written all over it. I don't know whether to laugh or cry. White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs responded to the abortion mandate...

Wisconsin's Kind, Obey Play Roles in Health Care Reform

Posted by mark on

Congressman Ron Kind of Wisconsin was one of three Democrats to vote against Obamacare in the House Ways and Means Committee. It is unclear whether funding for abortion was a consideration for Kind but he essentially voted for what Wisconsin Right to Life is promoting -- vote against a health...

Obama's Audacious Attempt to Mislead the Pope

Posted by mark on

Prominent author Deal Hudson calls it like it is with an assist from the most unlikely source -- Chris Matthews. You remember the photos of the smiling Obamas with the pope? Differing views of what they talked about? Pope: We must protect unborn babies from abortion. Obama: I want to...

Condition Red on Health Care Reform

Posted by mark on

Health care reform is on the move with the Czar in Chief, President Obama, pushing hard for enactment by the end of July. National Right to Life has issued a Condition Red because both the Senate and House bills "pose a grave and immediate threat to the pro-life cause." Yesterday, the Senate...

Is Health Care Reform FOCA in Disguise?

Posted by mark on

National Right to Life has long maintained that the Obama administration and its allies in Congress would enact FOCA, the extreme Freedom of Choice Act, bit by bit. Kind of a death by a thousand cuts. Health care reform appears to be the opening salvo. As a Senate Committee marks up its...